Personal Image Program


Finally reflect the person you truly are.

The program

Spread over 6 to 8 weeks, the personal image program is entirely tailored to you.

Thanks to this program, you will discover the image that fits you and reflects your best self.

You will gain in self-confidence and learn to maintain this new version of you long term.


Precise definition of the silhouette and cuts that emphasis it.


Analysis and definition of your colors, basic, main and strong.


Selection of fabrics adapted to your personality.


Identification of your unique style through a rigorous fitting session.


Work on the way you perceive your body and image.

Wardrobe sorting

Creation of your ideal wardrobe using our sorting process.

Image & life projects

Coherence of your image across all aspects of your life.

Outfit creation

Purchase and creation of new outfits to reflect your best self.


Follow-up on your image after three months for long term autonomy.

Image Book

Creation of a detailed ebook of your unique personal image.

Treat yourself to a style that lets you shine


your image

Shine thanks to your image.

Reflect the beauty within you, your personality and your values.

Be your best self.


Be yourself, simply!

Get in touch

Ready to become your best self?


We can have an appointment (physical or online):

An opportunity to get to know each other, to chat about your image and to discover your needs and expectations.


Together we will work out the offer that best suits you.

Tailored program

Based on the required guidance, we set up the appointments for each step of the process in advance or as your transformation comes along.


At the end of our work together, a detailed virtual scrapbook of your personal image will be sent to you. This tool will serve as a guide for future purchases and long-term aid.

Price & follow-up

A quote will be prepared following our first meeting.


And after our work together?

A lifelong and personalized fine-tuning of your personal image is possible!


If you so desire, I will accompany you in the renewal of your outfits each season.