Fanny Lempereur

Long had I looked for my path in life… Until I decided to simply reflect who I wanted to be.

Slide d Who am I ? Personal Image Consultant The concept of personal image has always fascinated me.

It has this way of getting us either to the best or worst life has to offer. Two sides of the same coin I have experienced personally, in fact.

Through my discoveries, learning, research, introspection and experience, my passion has also become my calling.

My objective?
Assist you in:
Becoming aware of the person you truly are,
Gaining in confidence and asserting yourself,
Incarnating the best version of yourself,
Becoming more fulfilled and happy.

" You’ll become the person you wish to be by first reflecting it to the world. "
My journey

My driving force : image

My background and experiences

Best Self creator

Certified consultant in image, specialized in Fashion and Luxury Management, I started out as a fashion advisor in 2014.


For 5 years, I experienced a formative professional journey before officially creating the Best Self image agency.


Among them:

  • My beginnings in Marketing for Carine Gilson Lingerie Couture;


  • Discovery of the Fashion Weeks from New-York and Los Angeles as an Account Manager;

  • Fashion advisor in the Lafayette Galleries;

  • Responsibilities of a store Manager;

  • Creation of a start-up, and discovery of the commercial role in the wellbeing sector.


An unusual and formative background that has build the woman I am today up.

Fashion & me

Strengthened by my background and experiences, in both fashion and marketing, my guidance has reached new heights, always with personal image and interpersonal relations at its core.


More than fashion advice, I now accompany my customers on their personal image in its broadest sense and how it impacts their life.